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Hussars are not only the pride of Hungarian military history, but also its patent. The Museum presents the centuries and extraordinary merits of the armed forces known both in America and Europe through the history of the longest lasting Hussar regiments, the Nádasdy-Hussars, in form of a permanent exhibition.

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The renewed Carta Hungarica exhibition shows the changes in depicting the old Hungary in form of several interesting and valuable maps.

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Members of the Bavarian ruling family, the Wittelsbach, owned the castle from 1875 to 1945 and spent almost the entire year in the period between the two World Wars here. They moved to Munich for merely the winter ski and ball season.

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Recent ewents

Autumn is here, and to welcome it the Museum of Sárvár not only awaits its visitors with a new exhibition, but also entices everyone interested to visit it with a new film. This year, we explore the subjects of secrets and curiosity. Special items arrive to the museum, which no one can resist.

The key of secrets...

The new temporary exhibition of the Museum of Sárvár showcases special objects inspired by history, in a part of the museum that could not be visited until now. The mysterious walls and arches of the cellar give home to the most precious items of the T. Takács collection.

Near the golden treasure

On June 28, Nádasdy Ferenc Museum will begin a unique project: each day for the next more than four years it will commemorate the events of the First World War, recalling battles and generals, soldiers and civilians, heroes and traitors, ordinary and special days. In short, everything that can be fitted into 1597 days. Follow us on this journey!

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Treasures of millennia