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Hussar collection of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

Hussar collection of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

The Hussar collection of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum and the permanent exhibition based on it is one of the museum units showing these Hungarian armed forces in an internationally known and recognised unique way in Europe.

Some of the objects of the 11th Huszár regiment of Szombathely, the royal Radetzky Huszár along with the Hungarian Royal 3rd Ferenc Nádasdy Huszár regiment, one of the earliest regiments, came to the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum 1983.
1984 the memorabilia of the Hungarian Royal András Hadik 4th huszár regiment were donated to the museum. Following that our collection was enriched by remarkable sports memorabilia, like the awards, trophies and cups of horse-back athletes, Ottmár Schaurek, József Platthy and László Selmeczy, from the era between the two World Wars. 

Hussar collection of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

The collection includes objects of industrial and fine art, as well as more than fifty sabres, medals, book materials, documents and silver cigarette etuis.
Following the subsidy of the Hungarian National Cultural Core Program we again launch the online database, based on previous activities, presenting the entire Hussar collection of the Museum.

Sárvár Anno

The history of Sárvár in pictures

Sárvár Anno

The purpose of the homepage operated by our Museum is to enrich the source base of the local history of our town together with the inhabitants of Sárvár. The Museum continuously publishes the selected pieces of its photo collection. At the same time, anybody can upload photos of his own and can specify data in relation to photos of the Museum or other people. We would like to create San online database through the help of which we can rewrite the history of the past hundred years of our town every day according to a new perspective.

Sárvár Anno

We not only expect new photos, but also stories, comments and amendments. Our colleagues have documented several events over the past couple of years, there were, however, also other pictures made. From other perspectives and serving other goals. We are curious how others perceived and perceive the same story. We could not capture everything as we did not have the time and had other places to go to. 
The story of a town is the story of its inhabitants, that is, our story. The buildings, parks, the castle, the schools, the spa and the kindergartens are just buildings, it is us who make them come to life. Let us use the possibilities of the internet and collect the memories of past decades and centuries together. 

Hussar Museum

We are the hussars!!

Nadasdy castle

Programs in the castle

100 years ago

Postcards of the First World War

Sárvár Anno

The history of Sárvár in pictures

Hussar database

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