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The new image film of the Nádasdy Ferenc Museum

The new image film of the Nádasdy Ferenc Museum

Autumn is here, and to welcome it the Museum of Sárvár not only awaits its visitors with a new exhibition, but also entices everyone interested to visit it with a new film. This year, we explore the subjects of secrets and curiosity. Special items arrive to the museum, which no one can resist.

An object can reveal everything about past times and people. Each meter of every museum exhibit is packed with stories about emperors and everyday folk alike. Brave and fallible people call to us from the distance of centuries, telling us how they managed to weather their years of hardship. Others tell us about how exciting it was to spend their time with others here on earth. Some braved the storms of time; others survived battles between the mighty. Some who were first became the last, but most success stories are about those who became or stayed the first. 

The new film of the museum is about curiosity, which moves the world forward. Exciting objects arrive to the museum. Although it is forbidden to open the crates, the temptation is great and impossible to resist. The final secret, however, will only be revealed to you if you visit us and explore the castle of Sárvár, from its attic to the cellar with curious eyes. 

Hussar Museum

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Nadasdy castle

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Postcards of the First World War

Sárvár Anno

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