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Treasures of millennia. The T. Takács Collection

Treasures of millennia. The T. Takács Collection

The new temporary exhibition of the Museum of Sárvár showcases special objects inspired by history, in a part of the museum that could not be visited until now. The mysterious walls and arches of the cellar give home to the most precious items of the T. Takács collection.

The Nádasdy Ferenc Museum has opened up its cellar to present an exciting exhibit there. This exhibit, entitled „Treasures of millennia” presents the most exciting, and sometimes surprising pieces of a complex and diverse collection, focusing the most noble of materials, gold. Masks, weapons, boxes, coins, and special, never-before-seen objects await those who wish to take a journey through time. 

Ever since the dawn of mankind we have been surrounded by objects which sometimes assist and sometimes hinder us. Mankind has made more and more objects since he realised that all materials can be shaped. After a while objects were imagined and crafted not only to ease everyday life, but also to embellish and decorate the surroundings or influence the forces of nature. Watching these objects today provides an aesthetic experience, irrespective of their original surroundings, or function.

The Museum of Sárvár presents to the public the fly-swats of Napoleon, gilded plates, and double-edged swords, amongst others, in a historic setting. The cool cellar hides not only an Aztec cannon, but also countless other treasures, each of which holds a surprise. Visit the new exhibition of the museum in the cellar of the Sárvár Castle, where you can discover the story of the gold-eating woodworm, as well as the table tennis bat of King Louis XIV.

Treasures of millennia. The T. Takács Collection

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