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1597 days that changed everything

1597 days that changed everything

On June 28, Nádasdy Ferenc Museum will begin a unique project: each day for the next more than four years it will commemorate the events of the First World War, recalling battles and generals, soldiers and civilians, heroes and traitors, ordinary and special days. In short, everything that can be fitted into 1597 days. Follow us on this journey!

The museum of Sárvár will use its postcard collection to try to achieve the impossible, and tell the story of the Great War by recalling the events of a single day. We will follow the course of the war for four years, more precisely 1597 days. If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, do so now, as we will send you a postcard each day, with a brief explanation of an event. Beyond daily events, stories about the war will be published continuously on our bilingual, Hungarian and English website, and we will also discuss in detail the fate of the Hussars, the most Hungarian of combat arms, in the First World War.

Over the next four years, many will commemorate the First World War, often referred to as the primal catastrophe of the 20th century, in a variety of ways. We hope that you, too, will spare five minutes for remembrance each day. 

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1597 days that changed everything

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