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Dusting off Centuries. Exhibition in the Museum.

Dusting off Centuries. Exhibition in the Museum

János Sylvester, Mátyás Dévai Bíró, Gábor Pesti, Gergely Frankovits, István Magyari, Pál Nádasdy, Joannes Bocatius, Péter Pázmány, Mihály Zvonarics, István Lethenyei. The spiritual elite of two centuries who all heard about the fame of Sárvár. Now the Museum brought them together for a last great meeting.

The new temporary exhibition showing the results of patronage by the Nádasdy family can be visited until 2nd February 2014. The exhibition centers around the books, as printing was an inevitable part of passing on and preserving culture in the 16th and 17th centuries.
One of the aims of the new temporary exhibition is to present works created through the patronage of the Nádasdy family in an era, when the Kingdom of Hungary had to face economy, military and political challenges.
Less than four decades passed after the death of King Mátyás Hunyadi (1490) when the acknowledged Middle-European power, the Kingdom of Hungary, completely disappeared from the maps from one day to the other. The unstoppable Ottoman Armies defeated royal troops on 29th August 1526 and the Sultan moved into Budapest, the capitol of Hungary. The fate of the Kingdom of Hungary was not decided here any longer, but in a capitol in the vicinity (Vienna) and another one further away (Istanbul). Decisions were made on the basis of interest of empires. 

Dusting off Centuries. Exhibition in the Museum

Each and every moment of the next one and a half centuries were about survival. The aim was not only to regain the independence of the Kingdom of Hungary, but also to save cooperating forces. Such a force was the culture with noble families playing a key part in its perseverance. In the north-east it was the Perényi family, in the north-west the Thurzó and Erdődy, in the south-west the Zrinyi and inWestern Hungarytwo families, the Batthyány and the Nádasdy.
Our exhibition features the results of their patronage through books. The Blue Saloon features a rough depiction of the family and their age, while the lower parts of the tower shows works which were published in the printing houses owned by the Nádasdy family. 

Dusting off Centuries. Exhibition in the Museum

The new temporary exhibition of our Museum is a real treasure chest dusting off the centuries from works without which we could not understand the happenings of the 16th – 18th century and which at the same time are the roots of our age.
The heritage. Results of the patronage by the Nádasdy family
Temporary exhibition in the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum until 2nd February 2014
Opening hours: 09.00 a.m. to 05.00 p.m., except for Mondays 

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