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Image Film of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

Image Film of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

The image movie of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum was presented in the course of a press conference. It is not only unique in Hungary, but also in Europe that a museum publishes an image movie about itself. The objective of the movie is to arise and bolster the interest about the museum.

In the course of the following years a part will be shot every year. The first part will include a reference to all elements but one (let this be the surprise of the next year). The first part captures a moment when characters of the glorious past meet curious visitors from the present.  
This image movie is a great step forward. There were no difficulties in shooting the film as all participants and creators immediately favoured the task. The actors of the Sándor Weöres Theatre, the creators, the director (Ágnes Kaczmarski), the creative assistant (Csaba Oroszy) jointly and elegantly created this unique enterprise from the perspective of the Museum. It was Tibor T. Takács to lend a helping hand in the background. 
The soundtrack was provided by the Savaria Symphonic Orchestra. 

The new image of the institute 
The image of the Museum, where individual elements appear on all forums in which we participate, is finished. Object elements of the image are a leaflet in four languages, the exhibition guides, uniforms and posters. The colour-brochure presenting the town was published by the BKL Printing House. 
Our own homepage ( has been online for one and a half years and underwent both structural and appearance related changes. It is a major element that the homepage pays special attention to visiting the museum, i.e. under the menu “Visit” all relevant information can be obtained. The language is Hungarian, however, just like the leaflets and the guides soon it will also feature four languages: Hungarian, English, German and Czech, as the vast majority of visitors to Sárvár are Czech guests. We wish to address them by presenting all the information which helps them to feel at home in the Museum and the castle in their mother tongue.

Image Film of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

Application activities of our Museum 
During the press conference our application activities were briefly mentioned. As a result of applications submitted to museum calls we received 3 million HUF in the first semester of 2013 which we use to organise the conference, restore certain objects in the Hussar collection, organise events in the autumn and publish a scientific book. 
Further results of our application activities include the establishment of our new image and the operation of successful online databases running on the homepage (Sárvár Anno, Hussars on the Net). 
The Museum submitted yet another application to the National Cultural Fund totalling 3 million HUF in order to establish the proper surroundings for our objects of art and to restore furniture and uniforms. 
The Museum submitted another application to the entire restructuring of the Hussar exhibition to the so-called alpha program, which has the aim subsidising exhibition activities of museums from central financial sources. In case of a positive decision we will open a new permanent exhibition entitled We are the Hussars on 15th March 2014 following a development totalling 48 million HUF. 10% of the development is provided by the Self-Government of the town ofSárvár. 

Hussar Museum

We are the hussars!!

Nadasdy castle

Programs in the castle

100 years ago

Postcards of the First World War

Sárvár Anno

The history of Sárvár in pictures

Hussar database

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