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Brick Mold from the New Sárvár Brick Factory

Brick Mold from the New Sárvár Brick Factory

One of the hidden treasures of our collection is the brick mold from the New Brick Factory of Sárvár. This important piece of local and industrial history was made of hardwood and has an iron inlay alongside its edges. On the bottom of the mold the initials S.U.T. can be read.

There were several brick manufacturers in Sárvár all over the past centuries. There were times, when two, or three worked at the same time. We have written evidence that the first company was built next to the Végmalom 1828. The houses of the Reformed Age were built from the products of this factory. Later on it was Imre Pleszkáts to establish a brick factory, followed by the Bavarian prince Ludwig. 
The New Brick Factory in Sárvár, the enterprise of József Krausz, was built at the place where today the Alkotmány Street quarter and the paramedic station can be found. The initials S.U.T. stand for the initials of the factory. The clay was delivered from the pitch that could be found at the neighbouring Rowing Lake. The Brick Factory operated until the end of the 1960ies and provided work for 50-60 people. 

The work that could only be carried out during summer consisted of several steps. The excavated and wetted clay was put into the mold and the excess material was removed by means of a wire. On the bottom of the mold the initials of the factory were engraved, thus it left a mark on the brick. The raw brick was removed from the mold and dried under the sun, then it was burned hard within a few days in an oven. The ready-made products were piled in a shed.
The mold came into our possession at the beginning of the 1960ies. It bears the memories of a time when local entrepreneurs founded companies not only for their own wallets’ sake and gave work for the inhabitants. Thus they contributed to preserving and reproducing the local work-force and used their income to bolster the economic-social-cultural development of the town. (szg)
Gábor, Szibler: A Krausz-család története és szerepe Sárvár életében. II. A Sárvári Új Téglagyár. In. Honismereti Híradó, Sárvár, 2005. 
Inventory number of the object: NFM Helytört.Gy. 63.30.2.

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