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Hussar Collection

Hussar Collection

The collection came into existence 1983 from donations from officers of the longest-lasting and most Hungarian armed force, the Nádasdy hussar regiment. The objects are precious treasures of the Museum.

The core of the collection is made up of memorabilia from the 9th royal and the 3. royal Nádasdy hussar regiment from the period between the two World Wars. It was officers to donate the Museum these objects. The paintings showing the owners and commanders of the regiment, the oil paintings showing the fallen heroes of World War I., the equipment of the officers’ canteen and the regiment banner are of special importance. Over the course of the past two and a half decades the collection was enriched by further donations. Memorabilia of the 5th Royal Radetzky and the 11th Szombathely Hussar regiments came into our possession. Olympic memorabilia of József Platthy, who won bronze at the 1936 Olympic Games, or the award collection of Ottmár Schaurek, several sports memorabilia, cups, awards, paintings, uniforms, regiment badges, photos and documents are parts of the collection. The sabre collection of Lajos Sárvári is also part of the Museum and the originals and replica provide valuable impetus for researching Hussar weaponry. 

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Hussar Museum

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