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The Nádasdy-clock

The Nádasdy-clock

The selfless donation of Erzsébet Nádasdy-Rajott, is the most precious object of our Museum and we are proud to present it to our guests.

The Nádasdy-clock

The selfless donation of Erzsébet Nádasdy-Rajott, is the most precious object of our Museum and we are proud to present it to our guests.
Christian armies defeated the Ottoman forces 1664 at Szentgotthárd After secret negotiations a peace treaty was signed at the town of Vasvár and this enhanced the Ottoman presence and enlarged the occupied territories in Hungary. Once this treaty was made public, a conspiracy began to unfold among the noblemen who had been loyal to the Habsburg Empire this point. The key person behind the movement was palatine Ferenc Wesselényi, followed by Péter Zrínyi and Ferenc Nádasdy after his death 1667. Personal discrepancies and the unsuccessful attempt to find allies led to the failure of the revolution. Ferenc Nádasdy, Ferenc Frangepán and Péter Zrínyi were deprived all of their wealth and sentenced to death. The Palatine was beheaded in the Knights’ Hall of the town council ofVienna. Following his death the family lost their prestige and their role in shaping Hungarian politics, military, religious life and culture. 

The Nádasdy-clock

Erzsébet Nádasdy-Rajott donated the Museum the clock, which, according to traditions was part of the treasures that the family kept in Sárvár. The object is important from several objects and represents values which make it individual. The execution of the Palatine meant also the confiscation of all his wealth and this lead to the complete destruction of his collection of objects of art which were famous inEuropeas well. So far we did not know that any objects would have remained in the possession of the Nádasdy family which once belonged to the treasury. Experience from the past years shows that remarkable objects and creations surface following court trials. From this point of view the donation of the clock is a noble act which is unique and is setting an example in today’s practice. The clock is the first and only object which was a part of the family heritage. It is the most valuable object of our permanent exhibition. 

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