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Industrial Arts Collection

Industrial Arts Collection

The collection contains varied materials from several epochs of arts history. Its importance is shown by the fact that we are regularly asked to lend one, or the other object to exhibitions held elsewhere in the country.

The core of the more than three thousand pieces strong collection is the Bavarian treasure, which was found 1952. The collection includes works of art of former castles in Vas county, such as furniture, rugs from several centuries, carpets from the 17th century, chandeliers from later periods, China from Meissen, Vienna, Sevres, Copenhagen, Herend and Tata. The collection of 400 glass objects, a donation of Klára Marika Tasnádi and the Bartha glass objects (108 pieces) bought by the town, are separate units of the collection. Our perfume bottle collection could also be expanded following conscious collecting in the past few years. 

Hungarian, Austrian and French furniture span the distance of the 17th century to the beginning of the 20th century. Apart from Hungarian and European objects of art from this period, there are a few eastern rugs, with a Persian rug fragment from the 16th century being the most spectacular item of the collection.  

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