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The continuously growing historic collection of our Museum does not only include local history memorabilia, but also objects of national importance.

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The collection came into existence 1983 from donations from officers of the longest-lasting and most Hungarian armed force, the Nádasdy hussar regiment. The objects are precious treasures of the Museum.

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The collection contains varied materials from several epochs of arts history. Its importance is shown by the fact that we are regularly asked to lend one, or the other object to exhibitions held elsewhere in the country.

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In the first two decades of the Museum the ethnography collection was created following an intensive gathering of objects. The data inventory which is yet to be explored is a worthy addition to the varied materials.

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The collection includes documents related to the past of the town, ranging from documents of the wine hill community to small forms of Modern Ages. It provides important data from the period between the two World Wars.

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The photo collection of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum has been documenting events of the town and its surroundings, the local history and changes since 1957. Its creation is linked to the first full-time director, Géza Nógrády.

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