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All coming to Sárvár must pay a visit to the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum in the Nádasdy-castle in the heart of the town. Permanent and temporary exhibitions, regular programs provide a pleasant and entertaining stay for all those interested in the history and role of a famous Hungarian noble family related not only to the town, but also to Hungary. The Knights’ Hall with its frescoes showing the battles of the merciless and adamant Black Bey against the Ottoman, can also be found in the Museum. 


The last royal owners of the castle, the Bavarian Wittelsbach family, also left their heritage in the Museum for visitors to see. The historic glass collection features several remarkable items of various countries and epochs. The equipment of painted saloons guide visitors across the changes of furniture styles. The Hussar exhibition of international reputation shows us memorabilia of the Nádasdy and other Hussar regiments. The rich material of the map collection follows the history of depicting Hungaryfrom the 16th century onwards. The wooden stairs of the tower lead to a painted resting room and the room above offers a great view of the town and the park. 


The Ferenc Nádasdy Museum was created following an initiative of the municipality of Sárvár 1951 (a village then and a town from 1968) and received it founding permit from the National Centre of Museums and Monuments. It received its name from the Judge Royal, Ferenc Nádasdy III. who was executed for his participation in the Wesselényi conspiracy against the Habsburg Empire.
The leadership of the town wanted to found a museum in the first half of the 20th century in 1912 and 1928, their initiative received the support of the public, yet nothing was done. 1949 was the next time when the idea of founding a museum resurfaced at the founding of the Municipality Culture Committee. The Committee called for memorabilia and documents related to the history of the castle and the municipality, as well as ethnography, or historic materials. An important element was that the Knights Hall with its frescoed walls was destined to present the collected materials. The documents and objects which were gathered after the call were stored at the primary school. The Local Council defined a final place only 1951. The Ferenc Nádasdy Museum was finally born in the Knights’ Hall and the four adjacent rooms. 


The exhibition rooms of the Museum can be found on the three wings of the first floor and the tower of the octagonal castle on an area of nearly 1.300 m2. Not only signs, but the audio guide helping you to get an insight into the history of the castle, the Knights’ Hall, the frescoes and all the units of permanent exhibitions. 

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