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Our Colleague Received a Lifetime Award

Our Colleague Received a Lifetime Award

Dénes Dabóczi, an arts historian at the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum, received the Lifetime Award of the Self-Government of the Town of Sárvár as an acknowledgement of his work of several decades. Dénes Dabóczi has been shaping the cultural and scientific life in and of the town for thirty-five years.

During the meeting of the Town Council of Sárvár on 24 October 2013 mayor István Kondora personally handed our chief museology expert, Dénes Dabóczi the Lifetime Award.  The mayor highlighted that Dénes Dabóczi moved to Sárvár three decades ago from the town of Kőszeg and he immediately found the inspiring atmosphere which still defines his activities. He administered the ever expanding industrial and fine arts collection of the Sárvár Museum and the built heritage of the town with scientific enthusiasm and precision. Dénes Dabóczi not only found a spiritual continuum in the town but also a partner for life. 
In his speech our colleague explained that at the time when he came to the Museum 1978 he immediately received the chance of learning core areas of the profession, as the restored castle was inaugurated and the museum was opened that year. Not only the continuous museum work made him stay but also his partner for life and seven grandchildren. 

Our Colleague Received a Lifetime Award

Dénes Dabóczi began his work on 1 August 1978 at the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum in Sárvár. Prior to that he graduated at the Dániel Berzsenyi Teacher Training College as a teacher of Hungarian Grammar and Literature and Cultural Education. From the beginning of the 1980ies he worked on the field of public education and his tasks included the assistance in the works related to the industrial arts collection of the county museum. Thus it became necessary for him to enrol at the Arts History Faculty of Arts of the Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences. He wrote his thesis on the topic of “Castle interiors in Vas county from the Romantic period to the beginning of the 19th century”. 
His research areas include industrial arts with a special focus on the industrial objects and collections administered by the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum. Further research areas include the castle interiors of the historic Vas county built heritage of the town ofSárvár; Hussar memorabilia. He published several articles on these fields. 
He manages, registers and continuously processes objects of industrial and fine arts of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum and objects of industrial and fine arts of the Hussar collection with great enthusiasm and in an impeccable way. He organised several dozens of individual and group exhibitions in Vas county and other parts of Hungary. Furthermore, he participates in national industrial art exhibitions and inventories of objects of art (2012: Tin Jars in Hungarian Private Collections; Haban Ceramics in Hungarian Private Collections). Besides his work in the Museum he opened nearly fifty exhibitions of fine arts in Hungary and abroad. 

Our Colleague Received a Lifetime Award

Dear Dini, 
We congratulate you on your award and would like to wish you all the best for your coming birthday. God bless Zsuzsa, you and your seven grandchildren!
Your colleagues from the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum

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