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Autumn is here, and to welcome it the Museum of Sárvár not only awaits its visitors with a new exhibition, but also entices everyone interested to visit it with a new film. This year, we explore the subjects of secrets and curiosity. Special items arrive to the museum, which no one can resist.

The key of secrets...

The new temporary exhibition of the Museum of Sárvár showcases special objects inspired by history, in a part of the museum that could not be visited until now. The mysterious walls and arches of the cellar give home to the most precious items of the T. Takács collection.

Near the golden treasure

On June 28, Nádasdy Ferenc Museum will begin a unique project: each day for the next more than four years it will commemorate the events of the First World War, recalling battles and generals, soldiers and civilians, heroes and traitors, ordinary and special days. In short, everything that can be fitted into 1597 days. Follow us on this journey!

Be part of it…

On the pictures we can see a fiancée in snow-white wedding dress, who is leaded by an older gentleman with glasses and a top-hat in his hand. The fiancée and the wedding guests are very happy, and are just walking on the town street to the church.

Wedding of the Century

Apart from developing the exhibition area, the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum considers the establishment of an appropriate environment for the artworks to be important. Further successful applications help the work in the Museum.

Content of applications

Dénes Dabóczi, an arts historian at the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum, received the Lifetime Award of the Self-Government of the Town of Sárvár as an acknowledgement of his work of several decades. Dénes Dabóczi has been shaping the cultural and scientific life in and of the town for thirty-five years.

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The image movie of the Ferenc Nádasdy Museum was presented in the course of a press conference. It is not only unique in Hungary, but also in Europe that a museum publishes an image movie about itself. The objective of the movie is to arise and bolster the interest about the museum.

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